Plackers Whitening Mint Twin Line Floss

If you are looking to brighten your teeth while still getting the extra benefits of flossing, then the Plackers whitening mint twin line floss is the oral hygiene product of choice for you. This particular floss benefits from a whitening enamel that aids in the brightening of teeth, making your smile whiter. The twin line structure of the floss enables you to reach the areas in between teeth with ease, as well as those hard to reach areas at the back of the teeth, thus removing plaque effectively. If you allow plaque to fester then it can lead to complications like tooth decay and gum disease; therefore, using an effective flosser such as Plackers twin line is essential.

As with much of Plackers' range, the whitening mint twin line floss is composed from a super tuffloss material which is greatly resistant to shredding or fraying that can occur when flossing. The Plackers whitening mint twin line floss will not only brighten your teeth, but also leave your teeth minty fresh and feeling clean. The Plackers whitening mint twin line flosses are most often found in six bags of 60 flossers, and are available to buy in the US.

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