Plackers Micro Mint Flosses

For those of you who like to feel refreshed after flossing, Plackers micro mint flossers are the ideal choice. They are able to freshen breath and leave a refreshing minty scent in your mouth. The Plackers micro mint flosses take advantage of the unique patented fibre of super tuffloss, to ensure floss is resistant to wear and tear and does not become frayed. It is in fact the very same material used in bullet proof vests and if that doesn't leave you rest assured about your flossing experience then who knows what will.

The comfortable easy grip holder of the flosser enables you to floss with ease between and at the back of teeth, essential in the task of eliminating plaque and food particles which may can often become stuck in such areas. Conditions such as gum disease are also given the once over. You will usually find that the Plackers micro mint flosses are available in six bags of 90 flosses priced and are to be found in the US but not the UK. They are however available online.

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