Plackers Kids 1st Flosses

The Plackers Kids 1st Floss is the ideal floss for a child that is beginning their journey to healthy teeth and gums. Its colourful design and use of various different characters make the floss attractive and child friendly, and thus encourages children to get to grips with the idea of flossing. This floss has the benefits of an easy to grip wide holder which is ideal for a child's small hands. The super tuffloss fibre is able to offer children a floss that will not shred or fray, which is reassuring to parents in knowing that the floss is safe and pain free for children.

The flosses come with a pouch that can be resealed and is therefore suitable for when you are travelling. It is recommended that when using the Plackers Kids 1st Flosses an adult is there to supervise, to ensure flossing is carried out correctly. You will need to be based in the US to get your hands on the Plackers Kids 1st Flosses but they are also readily available online.

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