Plackers Gentle Fine Flossers

Plackers gentle fine flossers are ideal for those who are apprehensive about traditional methods of flossing and prefer a more gentle and comfortable flossing experience. This flosser benefits from a fold away flip guard, which makes it easier to floss in between tight teeth. The Plackers gentle fine flossers come as a large sized floss and provide an easy to hold grip which gives you more control when cleaning your teeth. The Plackers gentle fine flossers benefit from a patented fold away pick protector, which ensures safety when flossing and makes it a pain free experience.

The super tuffloss, which is the special patented fibre component, ensures that the floss is strong enough not to shred or break. Apprehensive flossers can therefore be rest assured that they will have a gentle flossing experience. This flosser is ideal for people of any age group wishing to floss safely and gently, and is commonly available in six bags of 90 flosses. The Plackers gentle fine flosses are available to purchase in the US but are available worldwide online.

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