Plackers Doubles

Plackers doubles is a gentle floss which is ideal for both the young and elderly, as it is easy to use and provides a soft flossing experience. The flosser comes with a large handle which makes gripping easy when you are trying to reach those areas toward the back of the mouth; this can often pose problems when it comes to conventional dental flosses. The Plackers double flosser has double flossing heads which provide an efficient cleaning experience and ensure that plaque is effectively removed. This is essential in warding off poor oral health such as gum disease.

Plackers doubles are made with the special patented fibre of super tuffloss, which helps to ensure that the floss will not shred easily or fray. This floss enables a person to floss easily between the teeth, removing food particles and plaque which may be residing in between the teeth. Plackers doubles usually come in six bags of 60 flossers and are available to purchase only in the US; however, it can be purchased worldwide online.

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