Plackers B-tweener Brushes

The Plackers B-tweener brushes are especially designed for kids who wear braces, as it is able to help in the act of cleaning between teeth which can otherwise be difficult to clean when wearing braces. Plaque and food particles are often trapped in areas between teeth when wearing an orthodontic appliance but the Plackers B-tweener brushes are able to remove plaque easy.

The brush heads are designed to bend up to 90 degrees, and the brushes also have the added bonus of being portable. The comfortable grip allows for more control when cleaning difficult to reach areas, as well as the tough spots in between teeth and at the back of the mouth. It is recommended to rinse the brush before and after use to ensure maximum protection. If you feel that your child will benefit from Plackers B-tweener brushes the you will need to be based in the US, or you can locate them online.

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