InBetween Floss

Brushing only cleans three out of the five sides of each of your teeth; InBetween floss from Peri-dent can help you to clean the two that brushing cannot reach. This floss will help to remove plaque which builds up between your teeth when you eat and can cause bad breath and other oral health problems.

It is a standard waxed dental floss made of nylon and polypropylene multifilament fibres, which are extra strong, shred and fray resistant. This helps to avoid the floss getting stuck between your teeth. It comes with extra fluoride to give your teeth a more thorough clean. Using InBetween floss as part of your daily oral health routine will help to strengthen your teeth and reduce tooth decay. It will also help you to keep your breath fresh and minty. InBetween floss is most suitable for people with normal sized gaps between their teeth as opposed to large or tight gaps. It is available in most supermarkets and chemists.

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