Easy Slide Whitening Floss

For people with tight gaps between their teeth, flossing can be difficult and uncomfortable. Sometimes the threads of the floss come apart and get stuck between your teeth, and sometimes it is just too difficult to get the floss between teeth with are so tightly spaced. Easy Slide Whitening floss from Peri-dent aims to eliminate some of these problems for customers with tightly spaced teeth. With its special monofilament fibres with non-shredding technology, Easy Slide Whitening floss is unlikely to get stuck between your teeth, or separate into individual threads.

The floss is also specially lubricated to make flossing a smoother, more comfortable experience. On top of this, Easy Slide Whitening floss contains an active whitening agent. This helps to reduce the effects of unsightly build ups of yellow plaque deposits which may be seen between your teeth, giving your teeth protection against decay as well as caring for their appearance. Easy Slide Whitening floss is available in most supermarkets and pharmacies.

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