Dental Floss Miracle Kids

Flossing is not just necessary for adults; children are recommended to start flossing their teeth from as young as three. Miracle Kids from Peri-dent is a flossing system which helps make flossing easier and more comfortable for children. Like the adult system, it consists of a long handle and loose refillable heads of dental floss. However, the children’s handle has a wider grip and a smaller neck than the adult one, which is more suited to their proportions.

The heads click on and off of the handle, and the same refills can be used for both the Miracle Adult and the Miracle Kids. The long handle makes it much easier for children to manoeuvre the floss between their teeth, and the floss can be guided with the help of the tongue. This makes the product suitable for young children with less developed motor skills.

Miracle Kids is designed so that children can use it themselves, but it should always be used under adult supervision. The design of the product aims to be appealing to children, and the handles are brightly coloured with cartoon designs on them. As with Miracle Adult, the refill heads can be used several times, but you must remember to rinse after every use.

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