Dental Floss Miracle Adult

Dental floss Miracle from Peri-dent is an innovative way of flossing your teeth with ease and comfort. Many people find using traditional floss difficult and uncomfortable. Miracle Adult is a system which aims to change that. It consists of a long, stylish, plastic handle which is available in a variety of colours and loose refillable heads of dental floss. All you have to do to replace the heads is click them in and out of place.

The long handle makes the floss much easier to use and also more comfortable. It is also much easier to get between the teeth, and the chance of the floss slipping between your fingers is completely eliminated. The floss is guided into place between the teeth with the help of the tongue. You then need to move the floss carefully from side to side and up and down against each tooth and below the gum line.

Miracle Adult is suited for people with impaired dexterity, because it can be steered using the tongue. The refill heads are available separately and can be used several times, but you must remember to rinse the floss after use and as needed.

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