Clinic Professional Tape

Traditional dental floss can be difficult to hold on to, and uncomfortable to use. Clinic Professional Tape from Peri-dent has many features which aim to help eliminate these problems. It is a wide, flat dental floss which makes it easier to hold, less likely to slip between the fingers and more comfortable to use. It is coated in mini crystal wax. This acts as a lubricant so that the tape glides smoothly and comfortably between your teeth, giving you a more satisfying result.

The wax also acts to prevent the tape shredding, which means that Clinic Professional Tape is unlikely to separate into threads between your teeth and get stuck there. Clinic Professional Tape comes with extra fluoride and mint flavouring. It is designed to be as comfortable to use as possible, but Peri-dent also take pride in their packaging, and the tape comes in a stylish packet, which is Peri-dent’s aim with all their premium products. Clinic Professional Tape is available in most chemists and pharmacies.

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