Clinic Interdental Brush

For people who do not like flossing, Interdental brushes are a great alternative. They are suitable for people with normal to large sized spaces between their teeth. They are easier to use than floss, as you simply push the brush gently back and forth between the teeth and the gum line. Clinic Interdental brushes from Peri-dent come in packs of five. They also come in four different sizes which are colour coded. You should check with your dentist as to which size is right for you.

Most people require two sizes to clean their whole mouths. Each pack of brushes also comes with its own travel case for hygienic protection of the brush. The brushes themselves have a plastic coated wire to prevent electrical contacts. They also have a comfortable two component grip to ensure good control. They are small and easy to manoeuvre. They have a flexible rubber ends which bend to prevent the wire being damaged and to ensure improved access. Clinic Interdental brushes are available in pharmacies.

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