Active Care Floss

Active Care floss by Peri-dent is a truly innovative floss specially designed for people with large gaps between their teeth. This inventive floss expands on contact with saliva. This makes it ideal for those with large gaps between their teeth because when the floss is inserted between the teeth, it adjusts itself to fill the space, giving you a more thorough, tailored clean. The floss can be made thin again by stretching it, allowing it to slide easily back out from between the teeth.

Active Care floss offers the optimum standard in sensitive and soft cleaning. As with all of Peri-dent’s premium products, it comes in stylish and innovative packaging for your convenience. It is strong and shred resistant, and when used as part of your daily oral health routine can significantly reduce plaque build up, lowering the likelihood of tooth decay and bad breath. Active Care floss is mint flavoured and comes with fluoride. It is available in supermarkets and chemists.

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