Oral B Super Floss : Dental Floss

Oral B Super Floss is specially designed for people who are undergoing treatment like orthodontics or who have dental appliances like bridges. It is also an excellent choice for someone with large tooth gaps where it can be difficult to floss with typical dental flosses. Oral B Super floss is the first choice for those wishing to clean between braces and bridges as it uses specially designed components which can aid in the cleaning around dental appliances. Oral B Super Floss has three main mechanisms which are utterly unique; they are the combination of a squishy and normal floss and a tight end to the dental floss that makes it easy to thread through tight gaps.

This aids with the cleaning of teeth that are undergoing orthodontics or other dental care. These three components all combine to create the perfect flossing experience, and offer intense cleaning between the teeth and below the gum line. Oral B Super Floss allows you to clean between any gaps that helps to remove plaque, which if left untreated could lead to gingivitis or other forms of gum disease. The Oral B Super Floss is available to buy both in the UK and USA.

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