Oral B Satin Floss : Dental Floss

The Oral B Satin Floss provides a gentle and comfy flossing experience as the floss is made from a material similar to silky ribbon that makes the act of sliding the floss between teeth and close to the gum line a simple one. What’s more, the dental floss does not provide any discomfort when wrapping it around your fingers in order to get to those difficult to reach areas. The Oral B Satin Floss makes use of a design that is multi-layered to ensure any plaque that may build up is removed efficiently, as is any food particles that may collect between teeth. This is highly beneficial in preventing gum conditions like gingivitis that can otherwise cause great distress for people when it comes to oral hygiene.

The floss is simple to insert in between teeth and offers you the opportunity to reach the tight gaps that can occur with some teeth. The material of the Oral B Satin Floss is gentle and leaves you with a ‘satin flossing’ experience. The mint flavour of the floss leaves your mouth fresh and revitalised. The Oral B Satin Floss is available to buy both in the UK and the USA.

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