Oral B Indicator Floss : Dental Floss

The Oral B Indicator Floss is an innovative dental floss that tells you how much plaque you have been able to remove from your teeth and is therefore a great acquisition for those who are concerned with the development of gum diseases such as gingivitis. The Oral B Indicator Floss has a shred resistant component which makes flossing easier as you have the reassurance that the floss will not simply wither and break when it slides in between your teeth.

The floss is also easy to insert and fray resistant. The Oral B Indicator Floss has a minty refreshing taste so that your teeth feel clean and healthy after flossing. The Oral B Indicator Floss is currently only available to buy in the USA but can be purchased online for those who wish to take advantage of this plaque monitoring dental floss in the UK.

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