Oral B Hummingbird Flosser : Dental Floss

The Oral B Hummingbird Flosser is similar to the US version of the Oral B Advantage Floss Picks as it is not a conventional floss in any sense of the word. The Oral B Hummingbird is a machine allows you to floss as if you were using an electric toothbrush and is ideal for those who are apprehensive about the traditional methods of flossing.

With a shove of a button the Oral B Hummingbird softly vibrates to ensure that your teeth and gums have a cleaner flossing experience than with traditional flosses. The vibration provides a gentle level of vibration to your gums and is easy to handle when fitting it in between those hard to reach areas toward the rear of the mouth. The Oral B Hummingbird allows you to floss with just the one hand and one of the most simple to use flosses currently on the market. The Oral B Hummingbird Flosser is only available to buy in the UK but can be purchased online if you are located in the US.

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