Oral B Flossing for Children : Dental Floss

Oral B Stages Disney Flossers –Disney Princess and Toy Story Floss

The Oral B Stages Disney flosses are designed for children between 5-7 years old and are available in both the Disney Princess theme and Toy Story Theme. Therefore, both male and female children can take advantage of what is a great product to give your child an enjoyable step into the world of oral hygiene. As flossing can be a difficult experience for children this floss aims to make flossing more enjoyable and has an easy to hold grip for smaller hands.

Teaching children to floss early holds great benefits for the future of their teeth and gums, which is why the addition of a children’s range to the Oral B dental floss range is such a beneficial one to parents. If you want to make sure your child builds a foundation of dental health for the future then you can purchase the Oral B Stages Disney Flosses in the USA. They are available online if you wish to benefit from this dental floss in the UK.

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