Numark Waxed Dental Floss

Numark waxed dental floss makes the act of cleaning your teeth simple, thanks to its wax material that is able to slide in between teeth and below the gum line with apparent ease. Numark waxed dental floss effectively removes plaque and therefore makes conditions like gum disease nothing but a distant worry; as long as you use the Numark waxed dental floss as part of a regular oral hygiene routine such conditions should be avoided.

The floss uses fluoride and anti-bacterial agents that aid in the prevention of plaque and decay to the teeth, which can put off the need for expensive dentistry treatment. Numark waxed dental floss is ideal for those who find flossing difficult, as the wax enables you to have a more comfortable flossing experience. Numark waxed dental floss is available in the size of 50 meters.

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