G.U.M Soft Picks

G.U.M Soft Picks are individual picks which offer an alternative method cleaning to conventional flosses. This is an ideal product for those that are apprehensive about flossing and who want to ease into the practice. The soft picks have flexible slide bristles which enable you to clean in between the teeth easily, removing any plaque which if left untreated can result in oral health conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease. The G.UM Soft Picks are ideal for those who find conventional flosses a tad too painful, as it is soft enough to massage your gums and increases the blood circulation in the gum tissues.

The soft picks are effective in removing food particles and preventing bacteria from forming in between the teeth. The individual soft picks are easy to use when on the go and provide a contemporary and alternative way of flossing. It is ideal for people who are travelling or eating out as it comes in individual packs. The G.U.M Soft Picks come in 40 and 15 count packs and are only available to buy in the US; if based in the UK you can most likely purchase it online.

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