G.U.M Go-Between Cleaners

The G.U.M Go between Cleaners are ideal for removing plaque from the gums which otherwise, if left untreated, can result in gingivitis and other forms of gum disease. The G.U.M Go-Between Cleaners aim to reach those tough to reach areas and to get down below the gum line ensuring that your teeth are left clean and refreshed after flossing. The anti-bacterial protection that the product promises ensures that your teeth will be free from infection and will aid in preventing further dental problems.

If you have dental bridges or large teeth spaces then the G.UM Go-Between Cleaners are ideal, as it helps to clean around fixed dental appliances on the teeth. This is something you will find is very difficult to do with conventional dental flosses. The G.UM Go-Between Cleaners are only available to purchase in the US, however if you are located in the UK then you can search online for reputable stores where you can purchase the Cleaners from.

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