G.U.M Dolphin Advanced 250 Flosser

The G.U.M Dolphin Advanced 250 Flosser is similar to a toothbrush in terms of its structure and offers a contemporary way to floss. This flossing machine is ideal for those who are apprehensive about using traditional flosses, which are prone to breakage when rapping them around your fingers or reaching those hard to reach areas. With the G.UM Dolphin Advanced 250 Flosser you can floss at ease, with none of the problems that come with traditional flosses. The ability to floss at the flick of a switch is something many people will like the sound of.

The quicker time of cleaning and its hassle free shape make G.U.M Dolphin Advances 250 Flosser a great oral hygiene product. The machine has an angled head which makes it easy to reach below the gum line and provides a cushion affect when flossing. Comfort pads are used to make it a truly comfortable flossing experience and a lever loads new floss into the flossing head, making the process far less time consuming than with conventional flosses. The G.U.M Dolphin Advanced 250 Flosser is available only in the US but can be purchased online.

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