Endekay Dental Sticks

Endekay Dental Sticks are stretchy sticks that can be passed between the teeth in order to remove traces of plaque, bacteria and food deposits that may have been missed during the brushing process.

Endekay dental sticks have been specially manufactured to detect and break down plaque and are made from strong materials to prevent them from breaking or shredding in the mouth. The sticks are designed to pass gently amid the teeth and around the gums in order to remove food particles that may have become trapped and remove plaque that may be clinging to the surfaces of the teeth.

Endekay Dental Sticks are flexible so cleaning is maximised. The sticks can be used daily to ensure traces of plaque are broken down; this prevents oral health conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay and helps to protect the teeth and gums and keep them fresh and in good physical shape.

Endekay Dental Sticks come in packs of 100 and there is also a hygienic case to store the sticks; the sticks can be taken out with you for you to use them during the day; this is particularly beneficial after meals when you may have food trapped in your teeth.

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