Elmex Waxed Dental Floss

Elmex waxed dental floss is suited to people who are inexperienced when it comes to flossing, including complete beginners. The wax coating on elmex waxed dental floss gives extra lubrication which makes it easier to slide the floss between the teeth gently. The wax also helps to prevent the floss from shredding and getting stuck between your teeth. Elmex waxed dental floss is made of polyethylene.

This floss provides effective interdental cleaning particularly because it contains a high level of fluoride. Fluoride is essential to keeping your teeth healthy and elmex dental floss contains two types of fluoride, amine fluoride and sodium fluoride. Amine fluoride in particular helps to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Together, both types of fluoride re-mineralise the enamel and dentine of your teeth, keeping them strong and healthy.

It is recommended that you use elmex waxed dental floss once a day, prior to brushing your teeth. It is mint flavoured and is available in many online stores and some UK pharmacies.

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