Elmex Unwaxed Dental Floss

Elmex unwaxed dental floss is ideal for experienced users of dental floss who have good interdental cleaning techniques. It provides effective interdental plaque removal which protects the teeth from decay and cavities. It also adds extra protection by re-mineralising the enamel and dentin interdentally. Elmex unwaxed dental floss is made of nylon.

The key ingredient of Elmex dental floss is fluoride. It contains two types of fluoride; amine fluoride and sodium fluoride. Fluoride is essential for keeping your teeth healthy, and the high fluoride level of Elmex floss means it gives greater protection against interdental cavities, and provides re-mineralisation where it is most needed. Amine fluoride in particular helps to protect your teeth, and was used first by elmex products.

It is recommended that you use elmex dental floss once daily, preferably before brushing your teeth. It has a minty flavour and can be bought on the internet and at some UK pharmacies.

Guide to Elmex Dental Floss

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