Elmex Interdental Brush

For people who dislike flossing, the Elmex interdental brush is an ideal solution. The brush is simply inserted between the teeth and gently pushed back and forth to clean the interdental space and reduce the risk of cavities. Most interdental brushes are round. However, the elmex interdental brush has been specially designed to give more effective cleaning. It is triangular to match the shape of the interdental space. Furthermore, it has a combination of long and short bristles which are perfectly designed to reach every part of your tooth.

The elmex interdental brush has a special ergonomic design to allow you to reach difficult areas such as your molars without having to put your fingers too far into your mouth. The brushes come with an optional handle extension to ensure it is as easy to clean your back teeth as it is to clean your front teeth.

Elmex interdental brushes come in six different sizes to accommodate a range of mouths, from those with tight gaps to those with large gaps between their teeth. They are colour coded according to size and are available online and in many UK pharmacies.

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