Eco-DenT’s VeganFloss is completely vegan friendly. It uses vegan wax made from rice bran. Eco-DenT is the only company which uses 100% vegetable waxes in their products as opposed to beeswax. Their wax helps the floss glide gently and smoothly between the teeth, even if you have tight gaps between your teeth.

VeganFloss is coated in a 100% vegan friendly blend of essential oils, which give the floss anti-bacterial properties. Plaque builds up between your teeth when you eat and causes tooth decay and other problems. Plaque is simply a build up of bacteria, and it is essential to get rid of it, so VeganFloss is ideal.

VeganFloss has a natural cinnamon flavour rather than mint, so it is suitable for homeopathic users. It comes in Eco-DenT’s patented eco friendly packaging, which is made from paper fibres and is completely free of plastic. You can buy VeganFloss in most natural product stores or online.

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