Eco-DenT’s GentleFloss is a premium dental floss which is treated with enzymes. It is the first dental floss to utilise the anti-bacterial properties of organic enzymes. Plaque is the main cause of tooth decay and is essentially just a build up of bacteria, so using the enzymes gives you a very effective germ killing dental floss. Eco-DenT combines this with fourteen natural essential oils, which not only help fight the bacteria but also improve the flavour of the floss naturally.

GentleFloss is also vegan friendly as it uses wax made of rice bran. Eco-DenT is the only floss used by manufacturers who use 100% vegetable waxes as opposed to beeswax. The wax helps the floss glide gently and smoothly between even tightly spaced teeth.

Eco-DenT is committed to helping the environment, and as such GentleFloss comes in eco friendly packaging which uses no plastics at all. Their paper-fibre packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. GentleFloss has a minty flavour and is available in most natural product stores or online.

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