Dr Fresh Mint Dental Floss : Dental Floss

Dr Fresh Mint dental floss provides you with expert interdental cleaning effectiveness. Brushing alone can only clean three out of the five tooth surfaces. Dr Fresh Mint dental floss aims to remove as much plaque as possible from the remaining two, the spaces between your teeth. Plaque is the primary cause of many dental problems such as tooth and gum decay and gingivitis. Using Dr Fresh Mint dental floss daily can help prevent these problems.

Dr Fresh Mint dental floss aims to be affordable, and is better value than many other leading dental floss brands. It has a refreshing, long-lasting, minty flavour to leave your mouth feeling and tasting as clean and fresh as possible. Dr Fresh Mint is also waxed to give better lubrication to the floss and to enable the floss to slide more easily between the teeth for a more comfortable flossing experience.

Dr Fresh Mint dental floss comes in several different lengths in either a tooth shaped box or a more traditional square box. It can also be bought in twin packs with Dr Fresh Waxed dental floss. It is available online and in some supermarkets and pharmacies.

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