Tea Tree Oil Dental Tape

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Dental Tape works in a similar way to Desert Essence Oil Dental Floss, but is designed to be passed through wider gaps between the teeth. The tape helps to remove traces of plaque and bacteria from the gaps between the neighbouring surfaces of the teeth and helps to keep teeth and gums healthy.

Removing plaque is extremely important because plaque and harmful bacteria contribute to oral health conditions, including gum disease and cavities. Using dental tape can help to protect the teeth and gums and will remove any bacteria and food deposits that may have become trapped and been missed during brushing.

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Dental Tape has a waxy surface, which enables the tape to pass freely through the gaps between the teeth. The tape is flavoured with mint oil and nature's natural cleaning agent, tea tree oil. The tape contains no animal derivatives and has no artificial colours or perfumes. This is the ideal product for those that are looking for a natural product that really works. For best results, use Desert Essence dental tape with Desert Essence toothpaste and mouthwash.

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