Desert Essence

Desert Essence has a huge range of hygiene products that contain ingredients straight from the natural environment to give people a great alternative to popular brands you are likely to find down at your local supermarket. Their range of products range from body oils to moisturising lotions, but it is their collection of dental hygiene products that we are interested in.

Desert Essence products are ideal for those that want to reap the benefits of natural ingredients and want gentle but effective cleansing, without the harsh properties of artificial ingredients and chemicals. If you are concerned about the hidden contents of your well-known toothpaste then by using the Desert Essence you can find peace of mind. The Desert Essence range of oral hygiene products consists of toothpastes, mouthwashes and dental floss.

Further details of the dental floss products on offer are listed below:

Guide to Desert Essence Dental Floss

Dental Floss Intro