Curaprox Dental Floss

Curaprox is a Swiss company that provides first-rate dental products to cater for a range of oral hygiene needs. Their range is extensive and includes the likes of denture cleaning products, interndetal brushes and toothpastes. Curaprox are also well-known for their selection of dental flosses, which provide a high-quality level of cleaning to remove plaque and other bacteria from the mouth. Curaprox operate on the basis that prevention is the best route to healthy teeth, and their well-thought out range is evidence to this testament.

The Curaprox dental floss range includes the likes of Curaprox D4 843 and the Curaprox DF 820 Floss, amongst many others which are examined in greater detail below:

Guide to Curaprox Dental Floss

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