Curaprox DF 844 Dental Bridge and Implant Floss

The Curaprox DF 844 dental floss is specially designed for those who have dental appliances in their mouth like dental bridges or dental implants, as the specially formulated floss is gentle but effective to use around dental appliances on the teeth. The Curaprox DF 844 aids in the prevention and removal of plaque, which can often build-up to a high degree when it comes to dental appliances like bridges in the mouth. It is necessary to take care of dental appliances just as you would normal teeth, and floss like Curaprox DF844 can offer a helping hand.

The floss has a refreshing mint flavour which leaves your teeth with a wonderful sensation of cleanliness, and it is ideal to get to areas below and around the gum line. The floss contains a double ended threader and a thick brush, to provide an overall effective teeth cleaning experience. The Curaprox DF 844 dental floss is available in the size of 25 cm long.

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