Curaprox Dental Floss DF 820

The Curaprox dental floss DF 820 contains a Teflon coating which enables the floss to slide with ease between the teeth, and makes reaching those hidden areas below the gum line a simple job. Curaprox dental floss DF 820 aids in the prevention of plaque and the build up of other bacteria, which is essential to make sure problems like gum disease and tooth decay do not see the light of day. Curaprox dental floss is specially made using a Swiss system, which ensures that patients use the right technique when flossing and makes it easier for beginners to maintain a good level of flossing prowess.

Curaprox dental floss DF 820 has a refreshing minty flavour which leaves your teeth clean and refreshed after each use and that leaves you with no doubt that your teeth are in the best of conditions. The Curaprox dental floss DF 820 is available in the size of 35 meters, each length of which is sure to improve your oral health.

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