Curaprox Dental Floss DF 841 3 in 1 Floss

The Curaprox dental floss DF 841 is a 3 in 1 floss is a unique oral hygiene product that comes with a threader, fine brush and flosser; thus, this ensures that you teeth are kept to the highest standard of oral cleanliness. The 3 in 1 floss effectively aids in the prevention and removal of plaque, but only as long as you perform the act of flossing according to the proper technique. By doing so you can ward off unwanted problems like gum disease and tooth decay.

The fine brush can be used to floss and massage the gum line, ensuring that plaque and food particles are successfully removed. The Curaprox dental floss DF 841 has a refreshing mint flavour which will last you some time after each cleaning session. The Curaprox Dental floss DF 841 3 in 1 floss is available in the size of 70 meters.

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