Crest Guide Whitening Plus Scope Flavour : Dental Floss

Crest Guide Whitening Plus Scope Flavour is ideal for those who want to floss while also treating any stains which have developed in between the teeth. The refreshing scope flavour helps to refresh your teeth while preventing any surface stains from occurring. The dental flosses are created with special silica ingredients, which aids in the prevention of surface stains that can cause people to worry about the look of their teeth.

The Crest Glide Whitening flosses are of essential use when it comes to oral health as they are able to reach stubborn food particles that can get stuck in between teeth, and work wonders in creating a sparkling smile. The Crest Glide Whitening Plus Scope Flavour flosses offers the benefits of fresh breath and whiter teeth, but are best used alongside Crest’ss White Plus toothpaste and mouthwash. The 35 metre size package is also of benefit of those who find themselves using mounds of dental floss to make sure the job is done right.

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