Crest Glide Shred Guard : Dental Floss

The Cress Glide Shred Guard is recommended for a more intense dental floss. This is because the clean it offers is of a stronger type and it is highly effective in the removal of any plaque and other bacteria that can get caught up between teeth and in the gum line after eating. As the name implies, the Crest Glide Shred Guard helps to prevent the floss from shredding or breaking when flossing, and it is up to 30% stronger than the Crest Glide Original therefore giving a more thorough flossing experience.

Crest guarantees that the Crest Glide Shred Guard is shred resistant. Unlike the Crest Glide Original, the Crest Glide Shred Guard has wider flosses which have an improved strength. The refreshing flavour of mint makes your mouth feel clean after flossing. The texture of the floss is smooth and silky although it is very strong and it makes it easier to floss in between the teeth. The Crest Glide Shred Guard is available in a 35 meter floss package.

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