Crest Glide Comfort Plus : Dental Floss

As the name suggests Crest Guide Comfort Plus offers the most comfortable form of dental flossing due to the gentle structure of the floss that gives it a cushioning feel against your teeth. Crest Glide Comfort Plus helps to aid ‘snapping’s which can occur on the gum line and contains a light coating of natural wax to achieve a more steady grip. The Crest Glide Comfort Plus dental flosses help to softly floss in between the teeth, removing any plaque and is a great choice if you have difficulty flossing between the gum lines.

Similar to the other Crest dental flosses, the Crest Glide Comfort Plus helps to aid in the prevention of gingivitis and other forms of gum disease, which is why the use of this particular dental gloss is so essential in order to maintain good oral hygiene. Although the Crest Glide Comfort is gentle and soft on the gums it is still a sturdy and tough dental floss that offers utmost care in the removal of plaque and other bacteria.

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