Crest Floss Picks : Dental Floss

Crest Floss Picks is combined with Crest Glide Original floss to make flossing easy and simple. They are the choice for people with concerned with their oral health but who want to get the job done nice and quickly. The Crest Floss Picks enable a person to reach teeth which are located at the back of the mouth in a simple manner, which can otherwise be a problem area for the build up of plaque.

The Floss Picks are designed with a patented tension management which allows the floss to surround the tooth surface providing efficient cleaning force. The texture of the Crest Floss picks is soft and enables a person to floss easily in between the teeth. Crest Floss Pick is available in a pack of 20 which is sure to last you a good length of time. What’s more, Crest Floss Picks are excellent in their removal of bacteria of the gums which may otherwise lead to problems such as gingivitis.

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