Colgate Total Premium Dental Floss

Colgate total premium dental floss is a more sophisticated floss that the total one, and slides easily between the teeth leaving a refreshing minty taste. The Colgate total premium floss aids in the prevention and removal of plaque, and other harmful bacteria. The Colgate premium floss is shred resistant, which ensures that the floss will not fray when flossing; though of a strong quality the floss is still gentle on the gums.

The Colgate total premium dental floss can be used around the gums and around the gum line to aid in strengthening the gums and improving your general oral health. The Colgate total premium dental floss has a refreshing mint taste which leaves your breath fresh and clean after flossing, and is ideal for those who want to have an effective flossing experiencing without causing harm their teeth. A comfortable flossing experience is assured.

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