Colgate Total Interdental Floss

Colgate total interdental floss is efficient in the removal of plaque which can otherwise be a great nuisance to an individual’s oral health. Other forms of gum disease are also put in their place by way of using Colgate total interdental floss. The Colgate total interdental floss contains a natural wax coating, which enables the floss to slide easily between the teeth removing any food particles or plaque which can get stuck on areas of the teeth.

The floss is resistant to shredding and any fraying that can occur with some other flosses when cleaning tight gaps between the teeth; the strong floss is still however gentle on the gums and on your fingers. The Colgate total interdental floss slides more easily between teeth than traditional flosses, and promises a refreshed and clean feeling. The Colgate total interdental floss is also available in a stronger range, which uses chlorohexidine; this offers a more thorough clean to remove harmful particles from the teeth.

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