BreathRx Dental Floss with Zytex

BreathRx dental floss with Zytex efficiently cleans between tooth gaps and around the gum line, to provide an efficient cleaning experience. The BreathRx floss provides sturdy protection against plaque that can occur over time, and that can lead to gum issues if not suitably monitored. The floss is specially formulated with a coating of wax, which enables you to slide the floss easily between the teeth and target those hard to reach areas that need special attention.

The BreathRx dental floss comes with the same Zytex ingredient as that of the corresponding toothpaste and mouthwash, which is essential to the freshening of breath and removal of unwanted odours in the mouth. The specially formulated waxed floss releases Zytex while you floss, ensuring that your breath teeth are free of nuisance food particles and other debris. Zinc, eucalyptus oil and thymol are naturally blended together to target those hard to reach areas, especially below the gum line and around the gums, to ensure your mouth is effectively cleaned. The shred resistant quality of the floss also makes sure flossing is a comfortable and pain free experience. The BreathRx dental floss is available in 54.1 yards of floss.

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