BreathRx Dental Floss

BreathRx is a successful brand of oral care products that cater to eliminate bad breath, and also aid in the prevention of plaque and dental decay. BreathRx offer a range of oral hygiene products to suit your requirements, including toothpastes and of course dental floss. BreathRx dental products are at the forefront of oral care in the USA and are becoming an increasingly popular brand for combating the common problems of bad breath.

BreathRx are the product choice for many, due to its success at combating bad breath, and ensuring that your mouth feels clean and refreshed after each and every flossing session. It is the Zytex element of the BreathRx range that ensures its range stand-out, as you will no doubt see. The main dental floss offered by BreathRx is Zytex and this is explored in greater detail below:

Guide to BreathRx Dental Floss

Dental Floss Intro