Aim Flossing Tape

Aim Flossing Tape has been specially designed to fit through both smaller and wider gaps between the neighbouring surfaces of the teeth. Flossing Tape is a bit thicker than dental floss and can be more effective in treating wider gaps.

Using Aim Flossing tape will help to remove traces of plaque and break down leftover food particles; removing these will help to prevent plaque build-up, which will reduce the risk of developing conditions such as decay, bad breath and gum disease.

Aim Flossing Tape is made of strong, light fibres, which effectively remove plaque. The fibres are strong enough to stay intact throughout the flossing process and will not snap or get caught in the gaps between the teeth.

Aim Flossing Tape is easy to use and can make a real difference to your oral hygiene; flossing can remove bacteria which can be missed during brushing and rinsing using mouthwash and will help to keep the teeth and gums looking and feeling healthy. Aim Flossing Tape should be used daily as part of a good oral hygiene routine.

Guide to AIM Dental Floss

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