Acclean Floss Waxed : Dental Floss

Acclean’s waxed floss removes food debris and plaque which build up between your teeth. Plaque is bacteria which multiplies on your teeth and causes many dental and oral health problems such as cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing alone cannot remove the plaque that builds up on the surfaces between your teeth. Acclean Floss Waxed is a strong, durable dental floss which cleans the plaque away from the teeth and the gum line.

The wax coating on Acclean Floss Waxed creates lubrication and ensures that the floss glides easily between the teeth, making flossing more comfortable. It is suitable for people who are not very experienced at flossing. Acclean Floss Waxed comes in both mint flavour and unflavoured varieties. It comes in a convenient plastic box which improves both efficiency and sanitation.

Acclean Floss Waxed is available in many online stores and selected pharmacies and supermarkets.

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