Acclean Floss Bubble Gum : Dental Floss

Acclean Floss Bubble Gum is a strong, durable floss made with non-shred fibres. It is waxed, which helps the floss glide between the teeth more effectively and smoothly, giving you a more comfortable flossing experience. The wax also helps to prevent the floss from shredding and separating into strands which may get stuck between your teeth.

The main feature of this floss is that it is bubble gum flavoured. This means it may appeal more to children who can be reluctant to floss their teeth, and is also suitable for adults as an alternative the more common mint flavoured bubble gum. Children should start flossing their teeth from between three and six years old. The floss comes in an appealing and convenient pink plastic box.

Acclean’s floss cleans between the teeth to remove food debris and plaque build up, protecting your teeth and gums from decay and infection. It is available to buy on the internet and in selected supermarkets and chemists.

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