Would You Suggest The Usage Of Both The Essix And A Bonded Retainer?

I had the metal braces for about 3 years and a half (crowded teeth and over jet/bite problem) then I wore my Hawley’s regularly for 2 years (24/7 and even while eating!)but my teeth shifted (lower canine and front teeth) so I had to go again with braces but this time with the Invisilign system and it worked pretty well for 5 months or so then my doctor suggested I get the permanent or bonded retainers because he is fearing that my teeth may shift AGAIN but I want the Essix one to keep the new 3D position of teeth intact or unchanged .I do not what to choose. could you help? And do you suggest bonded and essix together at the same time? Is that possible?
Hi, thank you for your question. My advice would be to have both! A fixed lingual bonded retainer plus an overlay retainer. An Essix can be used but the Invisalign version, called Vivera is better. This is what I recommend to all my orthodontic patients. Best wishes Mark
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