Would Veneers Mask My Rotated Teeth?

I am just inquiring about veneers, I have a slight chip in my front tooth and the incisors next to them are rotated slightly, I would ideally like them porcelain veneers and would like as much information as possible and any recommendations you may have, I often find my tooth gets caught on my lip due to its rotation and would love it either straightened or veneers on the front four teeth. I am unsure if it is possible to get only the from four teeth as veneers ? If this is possible what would you recommend ? I am overall happy with the rest of my teeth they are relatively white and overall straight apart from the four front one wich have the small chip and are rotated, I am a little worried by veneers as they are not necessarily perminant and I’m unsure how long they last and how much they cost to replace and how often ? I love the Holywood type smiles but don’t think I could keep up with the constant upkeep ? I would ideally like to disguise the rotated teeth as they make me unhappy with my teeth so they would be my priority, is it possible to use veneers to disguise rotated teeth or is it best to just get these teeth straightened ? Overall I would love a straight white smile and by fixing these four teeth I think I would be much more happy with my smile. Thank you for your time. Kind regards
Veneers sound like a good option although it will involve drilling down healthy tooth structure. You should also consider braces such as invisalign as this would straighten the teeth without the need to drill them down.
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