Would the Inman Aligner Be Suitable For Me And How Much Would It Cost?

Dear Dr Moore,

I would like to consider the Inman Aligner and have visited my local dentist to ask further about this treatment. I suffer from gingivitis and have lost a few of my back teeth due to grinding and an abscess. The front teeth are apparently healthy and I wondered if this treatment was adequate for me. Also could you please confirm the price range for such treatment (upper and lower teeth) as I have been quoted over £4000 having mild crowding on the bottom and one tooth slightly out at the top creating a gap, but the rest are aligned. Many thanks for your feedback. 

Hi, thank you for your question. The Inman Aligner works well for mild crowding of the front teeth but in my opinion doesn’t work as well when lots of the back teeth are missing. We find Invisalign or fixed braces work better in those situations. We charge £3500 for a full Invisalign case. Regards, Andrew.
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