Would MAC veneers be an option for my stained teeth?

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I currently have ceramic pressed veneers on my two upper front teeth. I injured myself when I was young which deadened one of the front teeth and I had root canal treatment on it. It is grey in colour. I had veneers fitted to my two front teeth to get an even finish, and when the second tooth was prepped for the veneer it was found to be stained quite badly yellow. I’ve had these veneers for about two years and I think they look much better than no veneers at all, but wondered if there might be a better option for me.

I have previously been advised that crowns would be the next step, but I would prefer veneers if possible.

Do you think that MAC veneers would be an option, and if so could they be placed on just my two front teeth to conceal the grey/yellow discolouration and would they be able to blend in with my remaining teeth?

Your help is much appreciated.

Often what can help enormously in these situations is an internal bleaching / whitening of the teeth that have been darkened as a result of the root canal therapy. This sometimes avoids the need for any new veneers. Here is a link to a case that my colleague Dr Lee recently performed showing just that:


Treating this problem can be very challenging and a combination of internal bleaching (if appropriate) with some new dental restorations may be required. This can often be crowns, or veneers that have an opaque layer on their fitting surface to help block out the dark tooth colour. E-Max pressed ceramic veneers are good at this and they can be made by the MAC laboratory.

I hope that helps

A very good, experienced cosmetic dentist who has done many of these cases can advise you once they have seen you in person for a consultation. Ask to see examples of these treatments that they have done. It can often be very very difficult to get very good results in these cases.

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